The traditional festival of Hinduism in Bengal: Jamaishashthi


Yesterday was a Happy day in Bengal. Yesterday was the traditional festival of Bengal, jamaidhashthi. This day can be said to be the day of sons-in-law. On this day every married boy goes to the house of father-in-law and he is invited there with a grand arrangement.

The ” Shashthi” of the jamaidhashthi is the goddess of Bengal. According to Hinduism shashthi is the goddess of protection of animals, childrens and boys. The shashthi worship is performed many times in a year. Every mother of Bengal fasts on this day. Then the mother puts the tip of shashthi yoghurt on her son’s forehead. If it is given it is thought that it will benefit the boys.

Goddess shashthi

According to Bengal tradition son-in-law is considered as a son. So this day is celebrated for his good wishes and for the good wishes of our daughter’s family. This time scenes different types of fruits are available like mango, Jackfruit, litchi etc. So at this time the son-in-law can be blessed with good food and care. Therefore this time has been considered as the best time for Jamaishashthi since time immemorial.

The special fruit at this time

This days people travel more on the streets, many crowd can be noticed on the train, bus, auto, sweet shop. The crowd at the clothing store started a few days ago. At this time the shops of Bengal are very profitable.

Crowd of this day before covid-19

After going to the father-in-laws house his mother-in-law first bless him with paddy, grass, yogurt worshipped by goddess shashthi. With this conch is played and lamp is lit. The son-in-law then give some presents to his mother-in-law. Front the very beginning it is customary to give a shree to his mother-in-law. After the blessing the son-in-law was given to eat chire with curd, many sweets, many fruits its contains mango, banana, litchi etc. Then at noon there is a great feast. Then the son-in-law is given to eat fish, meat, yoghurt, different kinds of sweets, different kinds of grilled, vegetables etc.

The food given to son-in-law on this day

Earlier in the day, the mother-in-law was seen fanning her son-in-law with a fan made of palm leaves. But now that science has advanced this phenomenon is no longer seen with the help of electric fans and AC.

Mother-in-law is finding her son-in-law

Although this time the jamaishashthi is a little different. This is due to covid-19 and lockdown. The government has given permission to open Shops, but has kept transportation system a bit stuck. People can not go to the auto without a very emergency. And the train- bus is only open to government and private employees for wark and can not be used for any other reason. So those who have to go to their father-in-law’s house by train or bus may not have been jamaishashthi.

Morning and evening meal is Muri of Bengalis Indian


Some fond memories of life come to mind while eating tomorrow evening. At that time I was eating muri. When I was in school at that time my tiffins daily meal was Spicy muri. It just not food, it was a huge feelings.

It’s called here” jhal muri “

Guys, today I will talk about the morning and evening meal muri in Bengalis Indian. It is the one of the most popular Bengali food. Beside rice this crunchy food satisfy the hunger of many people in Bengal. This muri made that United evening of the Bengali family. Because in the evening everyone sits together and eats muri creating a fantastic mood. It often happens that two or three people eat spices muri in a dish together.

Eating muri together in a same dish

If you will travel on a train here, you will see that some people are selling muri of a tin Box with a lot of spices around it.

Selling muri on train

You will also find them selling this food on City sidewalks and at village street corners.

Muri sold in towns and villages

In the past people used to make muri in every house in the villages. The homemade muri tested delicious. My grandfather said now the muri is not as delicious as before.

Homemade muri

Then in the village many muri mill could be seen from where people would be bring muri at that rate of KG.

Muri made from mill

Now it’s sold in packets. Now lot of items have come out of it. For example – ghugni muri“,” muri varta by chicken legs”, muri ghanta(fish with muri)”, ” muri with fried eggs etc.

Some items of muri

Rice and muri are made from the same things. All you have to do this boil the rice three times and soak it in water, then dry it, break it and fry it with some sand.

The process of making muri

Sometimes I remember that chat with friends while eating muri in school life. The memory is a very intimate and very emotional. I miss those moments, sometime quarreling with friends, sometime joy, sometime loving, sometime bad.

Eating muri together with friends